President Part of LEED Expert Panel on LEED v4

Mr. Shane Nault of Building EnergetiCx along with Summer Minchew of Ecoimpact and Alison Crossley of Choate Construction presented on Mastering LEED v4.  The LEED rating system was designed to become more stringent over time, and with the most recent version the USGBC has not failed to deliver on that promise. After three years of development (and six public comment periods)—LEED v4 is ready for prime time.  The presentation focused on the changes from LEED v3 to LEED v4 and offered a credit by credit run down of the updates and shared tips on how to help your team deliver successful LEED v4 projects.  The panelists shared lessons learned including valuable, time-saving resources and a road-map to navigating the LEED review process.